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Analytics Bundle

  • Our analytics courses are designed to enable you to create and distribute pivot style reports, charts, and dashboards, utilize analytical and reusable functions, and design with best practices. The courses are broken int...
USD$150.00 (excl. )
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Modeling Bundle

  • The modeling courses are designed to enable you to deploy, connect, transform, and optimize your data models. The courses are broken into sections based on functionality and complexity.
USD$150.00 (excl. )

Basic Analytics

  • The basic analytics covers the following topics:1. Analytical design basics2. Analysis tables3. Filters and Slicers4. Charts5. Dashboards6. Detail reports7. Publications and Events8. Report packs and Rich Texts
USD$75.00 (excl. )

Intermediate analytics

  • The intermediate analytics covers the following topics:1. Analytic functions2. Calculated Member and Named Set3. Time functions4. Conditional formatting5. Rich text and Report packs6. Import and Export
USD$75.00 (excl. )